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Locally Made

by Thomas Robinson |

Taken from our interview with Stu Digs:

You recently moved manufacturing back to Australia. For other brands who are thinking of making this sort of change in their manufacturing practices, share with us what benefits you have noticed since the change.

TOM: The benefits are: We have control over the production, when a shirt is manufactured for us it’s our “marauder cut”, no one else has the same cut as we do. Our tees aren’t sitting in a shipping container for months, we can actually go to our manufacturer and pick up our stock and see first hand how well the employees are being treated. And most of all, we get to do our small part in supporting Australian business and create a sustainable industry. 

JOEL: For me there’s the piece of mind knowing where the garments are being made, knowing if there’s an issue someone is available to address it and also help us to create the garments we want. Having control of our product on this level has been amazing as well. It’s creating communities and relationships that can last the whole way through a business as it develops.


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