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About Us

Marauder noun

ma·raud·er | \ mə-ˈrȯ-dər

One who roams from place to place making attacks and raids in search of plunder.

Released from the red dust in late 2013, Marauder has nurtured the DIY ethic of first wave Punk and Skate. 

A push back against the repeatative and mundane. Our journey of creative destruction. For everyone who is told they can’t do it, we will find a way for you. 

We will take it together. 




I started printing designs on tees as a hobby. I though it might be a good way to get people interested in my designs for their bands, I have always been nuts for band tees. Often the bands weren’t for me but their tees were sick. So I began designing for band tees that had no band affiliation. Just crazy designs. One colour. Pushing detail to the extreme. It was great fun but going nowhere.

Then Tom got involved and turned a scattered collection of scratchings into an idea and then into a thing, my girlfriend coined the name Marauder and the future began to build itself. With the support and motivation of Alana and Tom, family and friends my work is getting more focused, more refined and coherent. I am overwhelmed with the response so far, and thank everyone who has worn our gear and loved our art. PMA


I was introduced to Joel through email and asked him to design a t-shirt for the band I was playing in. I saw some early Marauder designs and wanted to be a part of it straight away. After previous attempts at a clothing line I saw this as a great opportunity to try again, Joel’s illustrations hooked me in with the dark style imagery.  We may be from opposite parts of the country, but our values are the same: family, art and punk rock.