About Me



I started printing designs on tees in high school. hand cutting stencils and printing one off bootlegs and custom designs. It took a few years to realise that it was what really drove me creatively. Starting Marauder I though it might be a good way to get people interested in my designs for their bands, I have always been nuts for band tees. Often the bands weren’t for me but their tees were sick. So I began designing band tees that had no band. Just crazy designs. One colour. Pushing detail to the extreme. It was great fun but going nowhere.

Then Tom got involved and turned a scattered collection of scratchings into an idea and then into a thing, my girlfriend coined the name Marauder and the future began to build itself. With the support and motivation of Alana and Tom, family and friends my work is getting more focused, more refined and coherent. I am overwhelmed with the response so far, and thank everyone who has worn my gear and loved my art. 

With this new step forward, back running it all solo I will be introducing some smaller niche brands and custom work. Continuing to push my boundaries and building my craft as much as possible.

Thanks for stopping by. PMA.